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At Solar Noon we provide a combination of therapeutic light devices and equipment using state of the art Super Luminous LED’s to enhance and heal your body with light. Who in the world could have possibly thought (other than NASA engineers) that light could be so effective in treating and preventing such a vast array of tissue disorders. From canker sores, acne, wounds, brain tissue, heart and vascular issues, to pre and post cancer and chemo recovery protocols, deep penetrating light works, it is safe, and it is FDA approved.  The fact is light is as close to natural healing as you can get, with little to no side affects. The power of specific wave lengths of super luminous LED’s has now been harnessed and engineered to safely address your concerns from SAD’s (Seasonally Affected Disorder) to cancer and heart disease.  And we have the solid science to back it up.  Whether you have cosmetic issues, or need sports medicine and injury recovery treatments, come by our salon for a treatment.  You will be happy you did !!

Peruse our web site, it is meant to be a resource to better understand the use of light and the significant science behind this natural treatment.  Check out the videos and study abstracts under the UVB = Vitamin D Page and the Red Light Therapy Page.  You will discover how light is now being used to heal the body, improve the vitality of our brain tissue, make your skin more healthy and beautiful, and make you feel better.  We look forward to providing you with at least one FREE week of treatment – and more if you recommend us.   Thanks !!   Lon Zeman    *  208- 720-4907  *   200 South Main Street, Ketchum, ID 83340 (Next to Kentwood Lodge in Trail Creek)